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  Our five-star speakers are busy traveling the country to share their messages of hope and life!

Our five-star speakers are busy traveling the country to share their messages of hope and life!

Bullying, Social Media and Self Image

  • Ruth Vega / Speaker, Musician, Artist

Social Media


There is no denying that we live in a world ruled by “Social Media.” As our use of technology increases, our communication skills have decreased.  This world creates the illusion of being connected and as it quickly evolves, people are losing the ability to create, build, and keep healthy relationships.  The easy way to avoid some issues that come with social media platforms is to just stay away from them.  The solution is not disuse something because it is being misused.  The effort needs to be made to teach children and adolescents how to navigate through the muddy waters of social media without major trips and pitfalls.  It starts by asking the hard questions:  

·         What are your motives for sharing?

·         What does this post communicate about you?

·         What is the attention you are receiving doing to you and for you?

·         How are the likes, comments, hashtags, and snaps affecting your thinking?  

Hard questions lead to good conversations.

Ruth’s school assemblies seek to give students the information and tools to use technology safely, responsibly, and appropriately. She is not trying to “scare them straight” as much as empower them to make good choices as they "thumb through things". Technology is an amazingly powerful tool that can be used for good or bad. Ruth presents positive choices for students of all ages to help them to, “make their next choice, their best choice.”  She also helps them to know that what they post or send in cyberspace could remain there for a long time – even after removed or deleted. While approaching their use of technology from a positive and encouraging perspective, we delve deep into the headaches and heartaches that could result from unwise online decisions by youth.  Her presentations are one of the most popular assemblies in the country. She has spoken and performed in 14 different countries to all ages, and is fitting for ages K-12.


Bullying crossout.jpg

Just like anger is a secondary emotion, bullying is a secondary symptom to a much larger problem.  People who bully are fundamentally flawed and fail to know their worth which leads them to make victims of others.  Bullies capitalize on the perceived weaknesses of others while ignoring their own.  It is important to consider that the “bully” needs healing and for that to take place they need a safe place for bullies to become aware of their weaknesses.  Once aware, they can confess their weaknesses and confront the core issue they are plagued with.  This will increase their self-worth will help minimize the amount of abuse that goes on in schools, at homes, and in the community.  In turn, it is important that we empower young people to love themselves and discover their worth.  This ultimately will disempower the bully.

One of the things that Ruth is able to do in the case of bullying is speak healing into the heart and lives of her audience.  With all the hurt our youth are experiencing she is able to build up the bully, the victim and the bystander by helping all parties to see the need and choice to be kind, caring and respectful, toward themselves and others. 

“Ruth worked in our school and made great connections with students.”
— Christopher F, NY

Hip Hop Culture Awareness / PD Training

  • Todd Griffin / Speaker, Entrepreneur, Music Producer, Actor, Author

TJ Griffin - scarf.jpg

HipHop Culture Awareness

Hip Hop Culture Image.jpg

HipHop culture is America’s most influential youth popular culture of today. This is the reason why youth care workers, educators and counselors, who work with youth, and more importantly troubled and disenfranchised youth, must be clear about acknowledging it and even embracing it. HipHop is a cultural phenomenon that started in our inner cities of America, spread to the suburbs, and now occupies America’s mainstream. America’s youth represent a distinct group with their own unique popular culture a culture within which HipHop currently resides. Despite our attitudes and perceptions (positive and negative) about HipHop, we know we must have a working knowledge of this culture that engulfs and contextualizes our young people’s lives if we are to effectively relate and communicate with them.


It is important to understand the information that they process and the rules/code they live by. The rules of social marketing suggest that effective communication begins with knowing your target audience. Many youth care workers and educators, regardless of their subject or clinical area, still fail to consider HipHop culture when determining their teaching and treatment methods and exploring the best ways to communicate with and to their students and clients. Consequently, there is an evident lack of cultural responsiveness, relevance, and significance in the classroom and treatment environment, and too many clients remain uninterested and lack the motivation required to process important treatment information.


Understanding HipHop and using it to open new dialog and conversation can result in a more attentive and motivated client. At risk youth are participating in gang related activities while embracing and living by the street code of no snitching, objectification of women and never backing down. They are experiencing peer pressure to use and sell drugs and to have multiple sexual relationships; they are having direct access to images of pornography, violence, and drug use live and via broadcast, the web, social media; and much more.

Given these realities, and in order to stimulate critical thinking, influence attitudes and behaviors, gain trust and maintain the attention, curiosity, and interest of today's at risk youth, we to need embrace HipHop. Showing interest and understanding in HipHop instead of shunning it can begin to open the “doors of change” for some individuals that would otherwise remain resistant to change. HipHop’s Powerful Influence & Awareness training is a vehicle that, when coupled with stable therapeutic relationships, will serve as a catalyst to breaking down barriers that our youth, entrusted into our care, present when faced with the idea of change.  


Todd Griffin has had extensive training and certifications in juvenile justice and youth care such as Motivational Interviewing, substance abuse and recovery, mandatory reporting, de-escalating and re-direction, Relationship building, A.R,T., P.I./Physical Intervention, and culture awareness to name a few. Mr. Griffin  is also a youth care and support staff PCB trainer specializing in proper interaction and relationship building by using Hip-Hop Culture to breakdown barriers with youth. 

Drug and Alcohol Awareness/PD Training, and Parent Community Night

  • Steve Middleton / Speaker, Author, Life Coach

Choices-Steve Middleton.jpg

Understanding Addictions


In today's society, we are facing addictions of all types (OPIOIDS, alcohol, just to name a few...) at epidemic proportions.  The stronghold of addiction is plaguing our communities in ways we have never seen before. Many of our students are being consumed and lost to the grip of these challenges, but there is hope!  Best Choice Events has been led to capture the essence of the 12 Step Process in a dynamic way and have made it a purposeful mission to help others discover freedom! The approach is based on valid and proven foundations for recovery.





Training & Learning Points

o Understanding the true nature of the Disease of Addiction and why it's classified as a disease.

o Revealing the hidden role that scripture played in establishing successful recovery all around the world.

o Learning how vital it is to maintain one's recovery.

The Process Teaches

o The true origin of the 12 Step Process

o All of the important players that were part of its inception

o The clear barriers that prevent many from choosing freedom

o The spiritual mechanics that comprise the process and what that may entail

o The evident outcome that leads one to choose freedom


Steve presents a Drugs & Alcohol program that provides meaningful content intended to have the staff and students on the edge of their seats. He has been led to capture the essence of the 12 Step Process in a dynamic way and has made it his life mission to help others discover freedom! His approach is based on valid and proven foundations for recovery. 

For the past 24 years, Steve Middleton has been effectively impacting countless numbers of individuals through his words and his coaching.  Consumed by the ravages of drug addiction at an earlier stage in his life, Steven has dedicated his passion and energy in a very unique style of communicating the much needed information to empower and uplift his listeners and readers from all over the country.

A sought after speaker, Steven is also a published author of his dynamic book titled “Life Love Liberty", where he poetically captures the spiritual insights of day to day, personal interactions. 

To his credit, Steven is also a former World Power-lifting Champion record holder.

Steven can also conduct an evening workshop for parents and guardians that gives them simple strategies they can use to help their teens make good decisions.  Parents will learn how to make the risks of substance abuse real to their teens as well as how to use their teens own goals and dreams to protect them.