Praises For Ron L James's Books and Speaking Events

The Bible says it is better to be praised 'by another man's lips and not your own.'


“When I heard of Ron’s life experiences and his passion for giving back to the community in a truly meaningful way, I invited him to share with our local ASQ members his unique perspective of how we all make choices in our lives. He captivated our audience with his story that begins as a child and teenager growing up in West Philadelphia and describes how he made a personal commitment to change after wasting over 20 years of his life. He provides a personal example to be emulated; a transformation from a life dominated by drug addiction; a journey from being part of a problem to dedicating his life to being part of the solution.  Invite Ron to share his eye-opening story with your organization.  You will not be disappointed!”

William Gordon – Co-chair Program Committee – ASQ Section 503

“What a fantastic opportunity to become friends with Ron James and to be able to interact with such a wonderful person on a daily basis as he works in the same building as I do. I recently had the chance to read his book “Choices” and even though I lead a busy life and do not have as much time as I would like to read — I found myself not wanting to put the book down. What an inspiring life story of how someone can be at the lowest point of one’s life …… make the “choice” of doing the right thing by being a loving Christian and a positive role model for many of our brothers & sisters that need to see first-hand that making a positive “choice” can be an accomplishment and can do wonderful things for not only yourself but for others in need.”

Brent Burger – Carey Associates Camp Hill, PA

“Ron James is a dynamic speaker and motivator.  He has been a breath of fresh air to the men of our church.  Ron recently came and did a book signing at our church which impacted many lives at our church.  Ron’s testimony is very powerful and inspiring, it challenges all of us to live for and go hard after Christ and His calling in our lives.  I highly recommend his book and also highly recommend Ron as a person of integrity and spiritual maturity.”

Rev. Andy Hoover – Lead Pastor Faith Outreach Center Mount Joy, PA

“Recently we had Brother Ron James come and speak to us regarding choices that we make during our life. Ron’s testimony and changed life were an inspiration to my church, the entire service was charged as the Holy Spirit led Brother Ron to share with us how God changed his life and led him in a new direction. One of the most powerful moments was when Ron shared God’s “mercy and goodness” at a time in his life, protecting him from certain harm. Having Ron James at our church has changed us, leaving us with a greater sense of the power of God working in the lives of people. He left us with a sense of new purpose and direction as we continue our journey of the Christlife.”

Pastor Howard Cilento – Watts Township Wesleyan Church Duncannon, PA

“Your words are powerful and moving and the delivery is captivating to say the least.  Your experiences and strong message definitely impact the lives and decisions made by those who hear.  I have heard a lot of positive feedback from the employees and feel as though everyone took something from your words, as I did, and I feel this will help our business grow, for which I am thankful.  Your time with us was definitely appreciated.”

Ricki Wendler – Team Lead, Royal Farms Dover, PA

“For me, it is always a tremendous added blessing to know the author personally.  In this case and with Ron James, he is the real deal!  His story is thought-provoking, challenges my heart and his story is a real page turner; as I am always wondering ‘what’s next’ and ‘what if’.  I can hardly wait to buy my first 10 copies and give them as gifts to my best friends and see how this book can change their lives and the CHOICES they make.”

John M. Langel Sr. – co-worker and friend

“Ron James has written a book that has a message for every person — whether they are in a physical prison or a self-made prison.  Ron’s book, Choices, helps the reader learn from the life experience of one who took the wrong turn and then discovered the right path.  I have been deeply touched by Ron’s humility and deep desire to break free from old habits and turn his life around.  His commitment to attesting to the power of Jesus Christ to transform his life is a sermon in itself.  I hope that Ron’s book, Choices, is shared in every prison in America and that every prisoner of the soul finds in it the fresh air of liberation.”

Dilip R. Abayasekara, Ph.D. Author of The Path of the Genie Toastmasters International President, 2005-2006 CEO, Dr. Dilip, LLC

“Ron James is a man who knows what he’s talking about.  Choices will humble you, inspire you, and make a positive difference in your life!”

Tracey C. Jones, best-selling author and President of Tremendous Life Books

“What you first discover about Ron James, rather through personal encounter or through his writings, is an incredibly charismatic personality who is fully in love with life..  Ron’s book, Choices, is an incredible journey from the depths of despair and hopelessness to the exhilarating heights of a life fully lived. Choices is a compelling personal story that cannot be ignored – an inspiring message of hope and triumph.  Ron’s message is touching hearts and changing lives! Readers of his book will be personally stirred, as I have been, by the transformative power of Ron James’ message.  Through Choices you will gain an increased appreciation for the freedoms we enjoy and a renewed zest for life!”

Russell G. Kulp, Ed.M. Associate Dean, Central Penn College School of Business and Communications