When is it over?

My wife and I just so happen to be watching the Baltimore Orioles versus Detroit Tigers. Yes, it’s the playoffs. The score is 2 - 1 Baltimore.  It's the bottom of the ninth inning and the Tigers are at bat.  The tying run is on base. Countless eyes are on the game and we're at the edge of our seats glued to the big screen.  "The pitch" and the ball is smacked deep into right field.  The Tiger Stadium explodes in an uproar as the batter makes his way towards second.  If you're a Tigers fan at this point you would say it's not over until the fat lady sings. Well, it sure seemed like she was about to holler. One out and the winning run is at bat. You don't have to love baseball to appreciate the build-up of countless hours of dedication from a multitude of players and people to make this moment possible.  

"The pitch".  A solid hit and the game ends with a double play by Baltimore. Baltimore sweeps the series 3 - 0.


This got me thinking about my life long struggle with my addiction that plagued me for over 25 years and the many people who put their time and efforts into helping me win that victory.  It became clear to me once I decided to make the right choices that I was on the winning team. It started with one simple good choice which led to another good choice and then another and then another.  Making right choices for the right reasons, this is how I became a world champion…..YES! It was over by making my next choice my best choice over and over again.