The Choice to Believe in Someone

When I finally decided to let my old self die and succumb to something bigger than my selfishness, I decided I wanted to research seminars, speaking and helping others. My life to this point in time had been about sole survival, so to realize there were other people out there for more than just supplying my next ‘fix’, it meant I had finally become a better man. The book I checked out was How to Run Seminars and Workshops by Rob Jolles and has, to this day, had a major impact on my life. Rob’s words in that book were like the drugs I was used to on the streets – I couldn't get enough of them and wanted more and more! Every time I read, I got a high and needed my daily fix of Rob Jolles. When I finished that book, I was elated with thoughts of what my life could be like if I could do something similar to what Rob was doing …so I decided to write him a letter to tell him how his words impacted me. That was the beginning of a life-long friendship that is still in its infancy stage! Rob has been by my side, mentoring and encouraging me. In fact, my book would not have been written if it were not for Rob Jolles telling me that ‘Thinking about writing is not writing, researching and outlining about writing is not writing ….writing is writing’ Not that this man is looking for anything....However, my mom always said to give credit where credit is due. Thanks for making the choice to believe in me, my friend!