Stop...Enjoy the Moment

Ah! Its 8:00 AM on a Saturday morning.  I turned over and extend my body.  As I stretch, sounds of pleasure are released from my mouth as my hands and arms move into the touchdown position.  I'm well rested from a great night's sleep.  This is the start of a great day.  I'm light years ahead of my honey do list and my mind is free and clear from anything that would pertain to work. It's a very cold and brisk morning.  I'm snuggled under my quilt as I finish up my morning devotions.  I reach over and grab my computer that is strategically located on my nightstand.  Now it's time to check my emails.  Amongst the assortment of emails in my inbox l click on to a BLArticle (blog + article, if you never experienced one, you need to check them out - I look forward to them!)

Ok, I'm snuggled in, computer screen up and I begin to read the BLArticle.  Only now I have one major problem. I took off my glasses and sat them on my night stand.  No problem, I reach back over to the nightstand to get my glasses then I settle back in and focus on the screen.  However, this time I noticed immediately that my glasses are smudged from when I grabbed them off the nightstand.  "Are you serious?"  By this time I'm getting aggravated and frustrated and ready to turn over and call it quits.

So my choices are simple: 1) Un- snuggle, clean off my glasses and continue to read.  Or 2) Do nothing and deal with the smudged glasses and read.

I choose neither.  I simply close my eyes and began to meditate.  I instantly became aware of self and began to relax and appreciated the life I have.  I began to realize that life is not all about doing doing doing.  I was able to enjoy the moment.

No matter where I find myself at any particular time, it is my choice to stop time and enjoy the moment.  When’s the last time you've stopped TIME to enjoyed the moment?