Shut Up!

Shut Up! These words are extremely harsh to hear from anyone, under any circumstance. There seems to be a certain kind or energy associated with these words. When they roll off of someone’s lips, every fiber of my being cringes if they’re directed towards me. And Like it or not, these word command authority. There is no guessing game as to what is being conveyed. And 9 times out of 10 I get it. With that said and knowing the severity of these words, I’m very careful as to who, what, when, where, and how I use that statement, if at all. There is however, a proper time and place for me to hear them. Let me explain: One of the tools that I use in my arsenal of things to grab out of my Coping Mechanism toolbox, is self-talk (Self-talk is basically your inner voice, the voice in your mind which says things that you don’t necessarily say out loud. Often self-talk happens without you even realizing it and can be a subtle running commentary going on in the background of your mind. But what you say in your mind can determine a lot of how you feel about who you are....... So, when I hear those unwanted voices that tempt me to go back to any of my old ways and or to do something that I know that I should not be doing, I use self-talk. e.g. Voice: Man you worked hard all week, it would be great to reward yourself with and ice cold beer. Choice: Shut up! I have no desire and almost 8 years clean. I'll enjoy an ice cold root beer. I often share these thoughts with my wife who appreciates my honesty.

Recently, my wife Annie and I were at the local supermarket. On our way to the check-out line, after filling our small cart with some healthy fruits and vegetables we ran across a strategically placed Cup Cake display (Yummy!) Out of nowhere, I heard my wife burst out in her not so sweet voice "Shut Up!” Yes my wife has invented a new Coping Mechanism, it is called Our-Talk. I guess she told those Cup Cakes! And if they didn't understand what was being said we did.

Next time you are tempted to do or say something you should not, will you tell the voice to Shut Up?