Peanut Butter and Jelly

What a choice!  A soccer mom's quick fix, to the answer of: What's for lunch?  Of course this question comes from these 6 peering eyes that are glued on you from 3 little one's who have backed you into a corner because you have not given it much thought with all the mom things you already have on your plate......The choice is simple PB&J. (I prefer peanut butter and honey) You don't give it a second thought. All of life's problems are solved.  

Well, my wife and I run into similar problems. No, not with children right now, but with each other. The question always comes up: What do we want to eat? or where do we want to go eat? So we end up asking each other out of courtesy, what the other would want to do... The quick fix in our situation is not in the choice of the restaurant or the food that may choose. The quick fix is in the response that we have towards each other that we may serve each other out of love.


Just like our soccer mom, it comes down to the choice of meeting the needs of others. Sometimes the choice of the quick response far outweighs the choice itself...