Keep it Simple

I had to make a whopper of a choice this morning...first thing.  Do I get up and work out or do I lay here and get a few more minutes in?  Here's how my thought process went: "But I really really really don't want to get up.  I do need the sleep.  Ooh, wait, what is that?  does my stomach hurt?  I think so.  Is that my neck?  Ooh, its definitely out of alignment.  you know, if you work out with a hurt neck, its only going to make it worse.  I should definitely stay in bed.  Good choice."

And then I got up.  Apparently sometimes I just like to torture myself.  My girlfriend gave me the best tip recently, when I shared a similar story with her.  She just said, "huh, that's funny.  I just never ask myself if I WANT to."

I thought THAT'S BRILLIANT.  can't believe I'd been making that mistake for so long.

Keep it simple!  (Stacey)

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