Is Your Phone Too Heavy?

When's the last time someone out of the blue has taken time out to contact you just to say hello?  I made an astute observation today when one of my friends from high school decided to give me a call. The first thing I thought was maybe there was something wrong. I once heard it said that "no news is good news.”  So I braced myself for the worse.  Whatever I was about to hear I was now ready to receive.  However, nothing was said to alarm me.  The next thing I thought was maybe this person was in need. Certainly he would be someone that I would want to be in the position to help if he needed it!!!  But this was not the case either. My mind began to race with numerous other minor possibilities. But nothing that I came up with was remotely close to the truth.  

The fact of the matter was, my friend had called me just to say hello. He genuinely wanted to know how I was doing and took time out of his schedule and his day to reach out to me just to say hello. Wow!  What a true friend! After spending no more than 10 minutes on the phone with small chit chat, our conversation ended.  But the feeling of being accepted and loved was overwhelmingly powerful and has lasted far longer than his actions. His choice to say hello meant so much to me, more than a passing thought.  Yes! It’s now a lasting memory.


When's the last time you've made the choice to stop and connect with someone? Have you made excuses or said, “I’ll call tomorrow or the next day or when I have more free time?” Maybe you could make a call too. It’s as simple as picking up the phone and dialing a number to talk and fellowship with a friend or family member. What a novel thought.


The phone was not too heavy for my friend to say hello to me.  Now it’s my turn to pick up the phone and pass it on. Who will you call?