Is it Worth Fixing?

Do you have the guts to take on a fixer upper? With all the reality shows on today, one of my favorite is Fixer Upper. It's amazing how they can go into a neighborhood find a house for a very low price, say 10 or even 20 thousand, and invest time and resources into that property to turn it around and resell it sometimes at an astronomical profit. For me that takes guts. Who would pour their time, money, and resources into a dilapidated rundown property? To me the answer is easy. It's that special someone who is a visionary. The person who sees something in something that is of minimal value and is willing to take a chance to bring the best out of what is presented.

For everyone who is a mentor, your special project is your mentee. And for the mentor sometimes it takes a great imagination to see something that the mentee might not even see in him or herself.

I recently had the opportunity to share a great deal of information with someone who was eager to learn about themselves. They sat there in front of me like a sponge soaking up every word that came out of my mouth. Yet I could see at times that I was sharing so much that it was overwhelming. It was like Niagara Falls flowing as they were trying to catch everything I said with their tea cup. But at the end of the day they were able to take some of the information I gave them and applied in their lives so much so that they chose to take my advice to get help and go into a rehab.

28 day later I got to see some of the work that I was able to share with this person. Were they a masterpiece? No, like most of us they are still under construction.

All I can say is at the end of the day someone chose to believe in me so that I could receive. Someone had the guts to pour into this fixer upper so that I can today help others and for that I am grateful.