Is Faith A Choice?

Lisa's thoughts... I was watching Cosmos tonight, something my husband I do every Sunday together. For me this show proves that God exists’. In order for our world to have evolved the way it has as quickly as it has, something more had to be guiding it, helping its development. There is more to us than just a random joining of particles, there are too many things that had to line up just right for that to be true. My husband watches the show and it proves to him that God doesn’t exist even more than before. For him everything has a rule, a law that was followed that allowed us to be what we are. I don’t deny science, I love science. It leads us to wonderful discoveries, and has saved many lives. If faith is a choice then I chose faith. Why? It brings me peace, it brings me hope that this world is not doomed to be “Just a speck of dust in a sunbeam” (as quoted by Carl Sagan) But rather this world is becoming something much more, something better.