How Do You Build Trust?

Just in from Lisa....  

While speaking with my sister today, she confided in me about her relationship. She expressed her joys and concerns. She has done this many times, and I with her. I do the same thing with my husband and close friends. It got me thinking, how did I build this trust with them? They didn’t just wake up and say “I think I’ll trust Lisa today.” It came over time; I had done something that earned that trust. I proved that I could be someone they could count on. While that trust is something wonderful, it is something very fragile. With one careless word, lie or exposed secret it can be shattered.

I recently discovered how fragile it can be. I work really hard to be a good friend and I am proud of the fact that many people look to me for advice and trust me with their troubles. However, recently I made a choice to make a comment about a friend and it ended up hurting them. I was wrong in what I said, and that horrible regret set in as soon I said it. I tried to justify the comment by saying I was venting, I was simply releasing stress. This was just a lie I was telling myself to alleviate that horrible sinking feeling in my stomach. I have since made amends to that person, and only then did that feeling dissipate. It has caused me to evaluate how I keep trust, not earn it. I made a bad choice, one I didn’t think about until after the fact. It has reminded me that I need to try even harder to not allow my emotions to override my ability to make better choices.