Do You Look Forward to Life Like Your Dog Does?

Just in from Lisa... I was visiting my mother today, while at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee, my father walked in from outside and yelled into the bowels of the house “Who, wants to go outside?!” The answer came in the thundering of 8 paws clamoring, nails clicking against the hard wood floor towards us. Once in front of us, my parent’s two large Great Pyrenees dogs began to dance in tight circles, yipping and barking, wagging their tails so much it looked like their rear ends might take flight. My father opened the back door and the two of them bolted out and into the sunny afternoon light, bounding and leaping across the lush green lawn. At one point each of them stopped and rolled onto their backs, all four paws in the air, and began to do the twist in the cool grass. You couldn’t help but smile and laugh as you watched them enjoy themselves. When suddenly it struck me, “When was the last time I had experienced that much joy?”


My wedding day was one, but that was over three years ago. I could remember several days where I was happy, thankful, but I truly couldn’t think of a single day where I was so happy, and joyful that I simply couldn’t contain it. This thought process lead me even further to “What makes me happy, and joyful?” Watching my parent’s dogs it was simple to see that being outside, enjoying the beautiful weather playing together was enough to make them so exuberant! I began to think of the times last week I played on the floor with my nieces and nephews; blew bubbles and chased them; being silly with my sister; and danced with my husband in the living room for no reason other than our favorite song came on. I realized I had been so caught up looking for big events, and exciting situations to fill me with joy, that I had almost missed out on all the little events that made me so happy I was a kid again. For each of those times if I had a tail, I’m sure you would have seen it wagging just like my parent’s dog’s tails; my rear end would have taken flight too!


So I leave you with the question I started with: Do YOU look forward to life like your dog does?