Deer in Your Headlights

I wonder how concerned a deer is when spotted in your head lights.  On my way home from work the other night I spotted a number of deer crossing the road.  I often see a deer dart out from the thickets or even at times I see one mosey across the highway.  I know, its deer season and I'm certain these beautiful animals have nothing better to do then to come out amongst us. This got me thinking. Just like the deer who spots the headlights from vehicle and is frozen, at times when I'm caught unexpected with a situation or something I tend to do the same. It seems to come down to positioning. The headlights in and of themselves are a great invention and for the deer who’s caught in them unexpectedly, freezes. But the driver who's at a different position is able to take the unexpected situation and steer clear of an accident.

When speaking last week at an Assembly of 400 students at the Harrisburg High School my microphone went dead. This was the first time something like that has happened to me. My first thought and initial instinct was to freeze (panic) but then I took a different position knowing that I had to deliver. I took advantage of the situation and allowed my natural voice to captivate my audience. Afterwards someone came up and told me what I had done was brilliant. They thought that it was all planned and that I had sat the microphone down on purpose to better engage with my audience.

Next time you're caught unexpected or off guard, make the choice to roll with it by taking a different position with your thoughts.