A Day at the Ballpark

Well, my wife and I will be soon celebrating our first year anniversary. (September 21st for anyone who gives gifts). We certainly are taking advantage of our extended honeymoon. And today was no exception. My lovely wife Annie decided to treat me to one of America's greatest pass times....You guessed it, baseball. After a few photos for Facebook (including selfies / usies) we did the traditional and got our fair share of snacks….hot dogs, pretzels candy and soda. We found our seats and waited to hear those famous words. "Play Ball"

The game was exciting, however my team lost and I felt a little disappointed. That was until I saw this dad and his son who were so into each other. The dad's focus was to spend this day with his boy. And the boy's focus was on everything that his dad provided. There was no win or lose with either one of them, their choice was the quality time that they shared with each other. Which got me to thinking that I too had made the right choice to spend quality time that I shared with my wife.