The Selfless Choice of Two Women

Who would have ever thought that two women who at first glance have nothing in common would ever have become friends?  One woman is tall the other woman is short.  One is a nurse and the other a Banker.  One from the city and the other the country.

I recently was blessed with the opportunity to share a vacation with my loving daughter Lanaya and her mother, my ex wife Latanya and my wife Anneliese. Yes!  You read that correctly I went on vacation to Florida with my wife and my ex wife.

What these women did share was a set of vows that said I do.  Yes I married both of them. ( at different times of course!)  Their vows were not so much to me but more so to honor their relationship with God.

These women both when outside of traditional thinking and the way society has set a standard of how to treat one another.  Their main focus was not on themselves but to be humble and to bring joy in the lives of both me and my daughter.  Giving me the opportunity to bless my daughter with a trip to Disney World.

Unfortunately my daughter and I live hours apart.  I don’t get to spend that much time with her.  So when we were blessed with the opportunity to spend vacation in Florida not only did my wife Anneliese say yes that we bring my daughter, but also suggested to bring my ex wife to enjoy the experience as well.  Disney World was amazing!  The entire trip was a total success!

This unique situation has created an everlasting bond between a blended family.  The choice that these women made to look past personal feelings and anything else to be a blessing to both me and my daughter was beyond words.