Rearview Mirror

What’s in your rearview mirror? This saying certainly may very well come down to the popular cliché that Capital One uses “What’s in your wallet?” It is certainly one of the most feared sights that any driver will see who has made a bad choice to speed. Let’s take this common scenario: You’re on your way to a meeting, to work or to pick up the children from daycare and you’re running late. You’re not paying attention and the only thing on your mind is getting to your destination on time. The speed limit is 55 or is it 45? Anyway, it has been that way on this portion of the highway for as long as you can remember or at least the last time you consciously took note. You merge onto a 2 lane highway and it’s clear with only a few tractor trailers that seem to be standing still as your roll right past them.

Then it happens… You spot something in the cut. It’s a police car tucked off to the side of the road. You look down at your speedometer and you hit your brakes so fast that you really don’t know how fast you were going. Your next move (like all of us) is to look up into you rearview mirror. “The good old rearview mirror.”  And here comes the flashing lights, at a speed which seems to be twice yours.

You slow down and prepare yourself for the obvious. There is no question, or shadow of a doubt that you will now be late. Your mind begins to race. You will be pulled over. The officer will sit in the police car behind you for what will seem like ages. The officer will walk up to your vehicle with all kinds of questions which will take more time. And depending on how your attitude is and how cooperative you choose to be, the questioning can last forever. You will be required to provide your pertinent data (Driver’s License, Vehicle registration, and proof of Insurance) certainly the officer will understand.

Well to your surprise and favor, the police vehicle zooms past you and races down the highway and out of sight.

Right, wrong or indifferent there always are consequences to our choices. What I’m beginning to understand more and more about my choices is that I have the choice to view the rearview mirror of life prior ever making a choice. Now please don’t misunderstand me, life can come at us very fast at times. What I notice is that in some cases I want to do right once I get caught with my hand in the cookie jar so to speak, instead of being pro-active and making my next choice my best choice with self-talk and or slowing down to think things through.

What’s in my rearview mirror is all of life’s lessons and experiences that I’ve pick up along the way, the failures of others and the wisdom that comes along with those lessons.   And lastly, doing what is right for all the right reasons.

What’s in your rearview mirror?  Will you choose to look in it every now and then before making choices?