Avalanche + A Happy Wife = A Happy Life

The formula for a Happy life is as follows: Avalanche + Happy Wife = a Happy Life.  I was pleasantly surprised some time ago when my wife sheepishly presented me with the news that I was about to be a father.  My response was somewhat in disbelief.  As I gently waved her off with my hand I asked her to “Stop playing.”  Her response was overly convincing when I saw the pregnancy test strip glowing with a solid Plus Sign indicating that this was not a game.   Yes!!! It was true and welcomed news to our eyes and ears.   My wife was going to have our baby.

So this game changing event was underway.  We quickly formulated a strategies after the first trimester and our plan of action was very simple.  We would turn the spare room in our house into a nursery for our welcomed little guest.

Being the good husband and dad that I am, I assumed the lead and offered to have this room painted. Well, I heard it once said that if you give a woman something she will increase it and make it into something even better.  For me this was easy to grasp. For example, when I asked for her hand in marriage and gave her a ring, she gave me purpose and a future.  When I’ve brought groceries to my wife she’s created a meal fit for a king.  When I’ve shared my ideas, dreams, and vision she’s shared encouragement, insight and directions.   So, when I suggested to have the room painted I ended up with a whole new house.  This is how it went down.  (My story and I’ll stick to it)

Together, we agreed to have the room painted and my wife mentioned that it would make good sense to have the entire inside painted if we ever decided to sell.  Happy wife happy Life.  Then we looked at carpet for the room and the rest of the house.  Well, it was too late I was already experiencing the effects of the Snow Ball.  The trim, the fixtures, the tile floor, the appliances, the furniture, the counter top and backsplash. “Avalanche”  I never saw it coming.  Recently, I shared this story with a friend who told me that my wife is nesting and preparing the nest.  Another, told me this is called marriage. And for me this is the choice of a Happy Life…..

In my experience if your give a woman something, it is natural for her to increase it.  So, choose to give her things she can work with and not a hard time. (Smile)